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Hallway with Pillars
Image by Jack Anstey
Kick back, close your eyes, listen. Reme




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Shadow Show


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In a world of billions of beings,

what does sovereignty

actually mean? 

How does it relate to

erotic belonging?


This theme invites us to dig deep 

Notice body sensations

and turn up the volume of our breathing


Exploring choice and voice
Values, intentions and dreams

What do you have a right to?

What is yours? 

What’s not? 

And what’s in between?


Solidarity walks hand in hand

Disrupting our rugged individualism

Calling us in to see

We honor the webs by listening to our needs

Juicy, rich, decompartmentalization 

Do you feel the paradox in this?


It’s dripping with choicepoints

Breaking us out of straight jackets

Cultivating our dreams


Sovereignty, our backbone, our power from within


We open this invitation to you

As you beckon us to dig deep

Where we just might find

Improvisation and accountability

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sovereignty stories

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interactive clues

move pictures around
click one to reveal a prompt
Where did you first come into contact with the word "sovereignty"?
What do you feel in your body after listening to those stories?
What have you inherited from your ancestral culture(s) about sovereignty?
What places or animals represent sovereignty to you?
What feels edgy to you about sovereignty? What feels juicy?
How does sovereignty impact your eroticism?
Hoo do you feel most sovereign with?
What does sovereignty feel like for you?
What communities of care support your sovereignty?

Do any of these questions ping you? 
How might you want to respond to them?

Upload a picture that represents sovereignty to you,
to be added anonymously
 to the collection.


click the door

Image by Dima Pechurin

to share and read sovereignty epiphanies

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