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Connecting To Your Imagenitalia

20 Minute Guided Audio Exercise

What is imagenitalia? How can it awaken creative, genderfluid, erotic powers?This 20 minute exercise offers an exploration to connect with one's imagenitalia through energetic and visual guidance. No physical touch required. Includes music, spoken word, and integration questions.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Curious to hear about other people's experiences?
Check out these shares from the community:

This exercise is incredible and so beautiful and sooo well done. I did it twice back to back last night and reallllly enjoyed it. I love the way imagenitalia kept switching between a place, and entity, and a part of my body. It really opened up something in me that is now feeling safe/curious about more imagination/sensuality work. 

I’m going to do it more for sure and even have a friend I was gunna (shyly) suggest doing it with.

- F.J.

My practice for engaging this way has been very private. I was so surprised to hear your audio! It took my inner world and helped actualize it more into the outer world, something I am seeking to do atm. I am so grateful! 


I thought I would explore self pleasuring, as that is not something I have done much of with my invisible, energetic cock, but as it unfolded I just sat there holding it. I felt the connection in my heart. Heart to cock, cock to heart, in a deeper, very singular and more significant way than ever before. I cried.


Then I said to my cock and balls, “I am not going to touch you to stimulate pleasure. I am not going to DO anything to you. I am just going to hold you with present loving awareness. If you want, you are welcome to seek your pleasure.” 


They rested in my hands for a while. Connected, intimate, loved. Then of their own will they began to move and explore themselves against my hands. They began to serpentine with pleasure. Eros entwined. Then eros and the serpentining genitalia spread out further from my body and became the goddess, in the bliss of her own erotic dance. 


For moments it was clear how they are two sides of the same coin. I saw/felt how presence and aliveness are inextricable one from the other. This is my practice and I am forever blown away by the ever nuanced perceptions and experiences it can take.  It was so beautiful. I cried and cried and cried some more. 

- Lisa Porter

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