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My name is Mikai'el Jade (they/them)

I'm a relational intimacy guide and Certified Somatic Sex Educator, based out of Portland, Oregon. I support people through the peaks and valleys of cultivating intimacy and body sovereignty. From rituals to roughhousing, I bring playfulness, movement, live music and trauma-responsive touch to help people lean into their growth edges and find erotic belonging in their bodies. Curious about how we could work together? Let's talk!


More details...

My life has been a series of coming outs, from middle school gayness to gender divergence, from loving multiple partners to working in the therapeutic sex industry. This journey has shown me:

       I am lovable 

       I can change

       and I am not alone.

Growing up genderqueer without the internet, I spent pre-puberty exploring body pleasures and fantasies in wild abandon. I was blessed with parents who didn’t shame me for masturbation. I found ease in relating to other humans, and my senses were often turned on. But once puberty hit, body dysphoria and self-harm set in. My body’s topography no longer felt like mine. I began making decisions around sexuality and relationships from a disconnected place, letting self-disgust run in the background. This left me open to abusive relationships, lending my body to other people’s insecurities and pleasures. I didn’t think I had any other choice.  

I will never forget the moment my realization of this dropped into my pelvis. I was at a Reframing Racism class, and suddenly the damage was clear. At puberty, I learned how to separate and control my pleasure-centered approach to life. I had locked up my erotic playfulness, and thus, couldn’t truly be in solidarity with others. Seeing other people in liberation forced me to feel the pain of my own constrictions. This learning was terrifyingly refreshing, and led me to listen more intently to my ancestors (Ashkenazi Jews and Romani people). I sought out ethical and intimate practitioners to receive hands-on support to unwind the relational trauma I had endured while disconnected. Things started to make more sense again. 

I continued to strengthen the connections between my body, my communication with others, and the play I was drawn to explore. The next step was to heed the call and gain practical skills in supporting this intimate process for others. After a powerful full moon prayer with ancestors at my back, I was released from the non-profit industrial complex. I waited for more direction, and kept hearing the word "sex". After many conversations with folx in the field, I enrolled at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education and met kickass mentors, wise colleagues, and opportunities to experience this work exponentially. This is when the words erotic belonging came together. This was when my youthful aliveness found a rooted, full-bodied home.

My practice centers gender creatives, queers and folx under the LGBTQ+ rainbow, but I also work with straight, cis clients who appreciate queer magic. I also facilitate in-person workshops, dance events, and online playscapes. When I'm not working, you can find me making melt-in-your-mouth pancakes, jumping into rivers, or going to drag shows.


Interview on Sex Ed for the Modern Bed:

Image by Allec Gomes


Jade has the qualities that I need most from a practitioner to feel safe with. They are super calm, grounded, and their attunement was really perfect for my needs; be it their body position, eye contact, intake, listening and mirroring skills. It felt spacious. Because I felt held and safe, I had an "ah-ha" moment; it was to see that sometimes, I can be shy still to ask for exactly what I want especially in my intimate sex life. As if part of me is afraid to be either too dirty, too vanilla or too demanding! It was a good thing to see. I felt more alive and calmer in my body afterwards.


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