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Hello! I'm Mikai'el Jade
A certified Somatic Sex Educator

I use touch, sound, movement
and play to help people​:​

  • explore blocks to intimacy

  • reclaim pathways to pleasure

  • ​cultivate erotic belonging

Why see a Somatic Sex Educator?

  • Explore boundaries, desires and needs

  • Expand gender and it’s many expressions

  • Connect to personal power and erotic freedom

  • Strengthen communication skills in relationships

  • ​Rediscover pleasure and sexuality after major life changes 

  • Anchor into presence and attunement during sexual engagement

What is Somatic Sex Education?

This field of work comes from the recognition that our bodies are powerful resources for pleasure and healing.


Combining interpersonal neurobiology, anatomical knowledge, and practices to empower choice and voice, this approach offers a new way of understanding our bodies, sexualities and erotic capacities.


Grounded in the science of neuroplasticity and informed by polyvagal theory, we use trauma-informed body-based exercises to coach clients towards the embodied liberation they seek.

I belong to the Somatic Sex Educators Association, and uphold their professional code of ethics.


Directed by the intentions and choices of the client, ​I create spacious intimacy to feel seen, held and adventurous. We move at the pace of our nervous systems, and deepen the capacity for joy, pleasure and healing. 

Intimate  Transformation

Image by Allec Gomes


My work with Jade has been simultaneously gentle and deeply transformational. I came to them for help with stepping into my erotic power, and in just a few sessions, Jade has sheparded me toward a more authentic version of myself. Their steady loving presence provides the safe container to do the fierce work of moving through my shadow and stepping more fully into my pleasure and power.


- I.W.

Somatic Sex Education is not psychotherapy. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist,
licensed social worker or licensed marriage and family therapist, and I do not offer therapy,
psychotherapy or medical advice.

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