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Step 1

Schedule your consulation

Click on the link below to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. We'll connect about your goals, my offerings, and what working together might look like.

Step 2

Co-create a map

If we decide to work together, we'll co-create a map of

activities and frameworks that will help you reach your goals. The map is tailored to your needs, curiosities and desires, and works within your budget. 

Step 3


Here's where session work gets exciting. Looking at the map of possibilities, we'll see where you feel called to go that day, and dive in. Aftercare and integration is built into every session, with ample opportunity to change directions or update the map.

What do sessions look like?

My approach is playful, intentional and relational. From rituals to roughhousing, I use trauma-informed touch, live music, movement, nature and play to support the goals of my clients. The first session is focused on co-creating a map of activities and frameworks based on the client's intentions and interests. This map will guide us along the journey, and get updated as we go.


Each session starts with opening the relational space and checking in with the body: What's it like to be you today? What do you feel ready to explore? From there we dive in, noticing your sensations, curiosities and growth edges. Opportunities to give feedback and make adjustments are woven into every session, and if desired, practices are offered for exploration between sessions. The number and frequency of sessions depends on the goals, budget and desired pace of the client. 

I love what I do and I don’t do it alone: my studio is on a half acre of land in an oak grove sanctuary, home to many birds, plants, animals and elements. I also work with clients online if they aren't in the Portland, Oregon area. While in-person offers a much wider range of physical activities and co-regulation, online work engages creativity and the imagination, and weaves in the client's environment much more thoroughly.


Working together could include:

  • Movement

  • Breathwork

  • Self-pleasure coaching

  • Meeting your erotic body

  • Discovering desires and fantasies

  • Exploring choice, voice and sound

  • Learning about consent as an ongoing set of choices

  • Establishing, communicating and negotiating boundaries

  • (Re)connecting with pleasure and sexuality after big life changes


Session Costs

Single Sessions:

1 hour - $100

90 minutes - $150

2 hours - $200

3 hours - $300

6 hour package - $570 (95/hr)

10 hour package - $900 (90/hr)

16 hour package - $1,360 (85/hr)

Embodied shifts occur over time with repetition. I recommend committing to a series of sessions, based on what's discussed at the first session.

Packages are offered at a discounted rate, and can be used in any combination of 1 hour, 90 minute, or 2 hour sessions. 

If you're sincere in working with me but cost is prohibitive, please contact me or mention it in our free connection call. I aim to meet everyone where they're at with a variety of different options.

Image by Allec Gomes


I'm recovering from a major surgery and the work I did with Jade was transformational. Their touch is very attuned and they gave me just the right amount of verbal connection at the start of our session to understand what my body was needing and wanting most. The physical support coupled with the emotional support was exquisite. I truly felt empowered to be as much in charge in the session as I wanted, and simultaneously free to melt into the support and let go. I'm very grateful and am looking forward to my next session! Thank you Jade!


- K.W.

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