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letting spirit in

I'm looking to start a music group that is interested in letting (non-religious) spirit in - 

good listening, quality timing, pauses, build ups, intentionality and spontaneity

the instrumentation could be changeable, shifting our sounds as desired

with heartfelt, heartbreak, full body aliveness as part of what we get to experience and share with others

Deeply danceable

and also deeply sweet and moving

A good amount of

percussion and bass

Creating gatherings


out of our music sharing that invite other amazing creative forces to offer their gifts too, helping community move through emotions, be held, be seen, sometimes be pushed to an edge, but ultimately celebrated in the grand vortex of life, in this little blip of time

Looking to 

bring songs and collaborate on songs, and happy to create a little structure based on our chemistry and capacity. Ideally meet once/week or once every 2 weeks

Theatrical Possibilities

storytelling, improv, interactive activities aligned with messages of the songs





textures and


Visceral spirit sound making... can you dig?

electroacoustic, rnb, downtempo  jewish hip-hop,

I play

classical guitar, charango, a little percussion and beatbox, sing and songwriter with learning keyboard next. I know very little music theory but have played music most my life. It's always been able the feeling for me. Patient music geeks welcome, and sound lovers without formal training welcome too!

Let's receive some musical medicine and see where it takes us!

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