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I live among the oaks & coopers hawks on land that's kin with 

Indigenous peoples of the Clackamas, Tualatin Kalapuya, Kathlamet, Molalla, and bands of the Chinook including the Multnomah tribe

Colonially known as Portland, Oregon.

I am devoted to the paradox of loving & grieving, tending & acknowledging the memory body of this land and the peoples who've stewarded it for time immemorial.

While my efforts are tiny in comparison to the harm caused by colonization, paying monthly "rent" and contributing to Indigenous-led projects are threads of repair I consistently participate in. Tending a garden and prioritizing deep relationship with the land and species who belong to it are as well.

May I remember my roots, so I can honor yours.​

My people come from 15 different countries across Europe. They were Ashkenazi Jews and migratory Romani people, Italians, Scots, and French folk. They traded rich cultural context for the privilege and disease of whiteness, arriving to turtle island between 1900-1940s. Their hidden stories are breadcrumbs to my belonging; their terror and grief - intergenerational hot spots for healing. They imparted creativity, humor, and a communal spirit for survival. I am grateful for their hands at my back, holding me in this work of unwinding trauma in the body.

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