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Body Honoring Ritual*

2-3 hour customized integration support for gender & sexuality milestones

Work with me to co-create a full-bodied celebration and reverence ritual, great for:

- saying goodbye to a body part (pre-surgery)

- welcoming in your new body (post-surgery)

- stepping into authentic sexual identity

-shedding ways of living that no longer serve

sliding scale $150-300

Part 1: A call to discuss intentions, potential activities, and elements of ritual that resonate for you. This is our collaborative planning time.

Part 2: Body honoring ritual (2-3 hours long). This can include touch, sound, nature, creativity, movement and play. This is our co-created container for you to explore embodying your intentions with full presence and support.

*For me, ritual is about creating an intentional container for wishes, dreams and visions to drop into feelings, words, and the body's circuitry.

I offer as much guidance as desired, and it's not religious or formulaic.

Interested in a body honoring ritual (or buying one for a friend)? Fill out this form and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

Interested in ritual:

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